Is Your Home a Hub of Teen Angst?

Does your living room look like this?

teens living room
Because mine does. Nearly all the time. And this is a very, very good thing. When teenagers find a place they feel comfortable, loved, fed, safe and not judged, criticized or harassed, they tend to make themselves a fixture. So if your house is full of teenagers who are eating your food and breathing your air, congratulations! You are that parent.

So, what if you’re not that parent. How can you encourage your teen and entourage to hang out at your house instead of with someone else’s cooler parents?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bribe them with food
  • Bribe them with food
  • Throw a pizza party and feed them

Getting the picture? Teens gravitate to homes that feel open and generous. You do not have to be wealthy to do this. A large watermelon goes a long way on a hot summer day. Popcorn, ice pops, a chocolate sheet cake, all of these are inexpensive yet effective bribes. For teenagers, food is like a lure that brings the mouse to the trap. And once fed, they will never leave.

Once they are fed and watered, how do you do the rest? Be accepting. Give compliments freely. Ask their opinion. Listen to what they say. Leave them alone.

Now you’re the coolest.

Does the teenage gang cluttering up your home cause you annoyance? My advice to you, dear parent, is be grateful. Better to have a pile of stinky teenage boy feet in your house than to not know where they are. Learn to love them, along with all of their obnoxious weirdness and questionable wardrobe choices.

They will be gone soon enough.


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