Let it Go

I don’t know about you, but despite it being out for 2+ years, I still have at least one Frozen obsessed kid (down from 3!). The anthem “Let It Go” is still belted out at least 3 times a week, and I must admit, the title is one that resonates with me.

When my oldest was born, I randomly asked my mother during a conversation, “Do you ever stop being scared?” and without explanation, she understood. Her answer was, “No, but you learn to live with it and not let your child suffer from it.” We live in an era in which we are constantly being bombarded with warnings of the dangers our children are facing, from being surrounded by toxic and hazardous materials, to inappropriate images online or being kidnapped by a stranger. As a parent, it can be terrifying trying to raise a child in a time where there are dangers both large and small constantly lurking.


Life’s actually pretty fantastic, and there is so much out there for our kids to do and see. By trying to new things, they develop new skills, new interests and most important of all, a healthy sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Here’s how it works — when children try something new, and are given a chance to develop their skills in that area, it shows them that they have the capacity to learn. When you as a parent step back and allow them or provide limited guidance but still give them free range, it gives them the ability to engage in confidence building. Yes, they may get hurt, but that shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a negative thing. My 6 old became my sous chef at the age of 4 and she now minces garlic and ginger like a boss.
So, then next time your child wants to climb the tree, cut up the vegetables, help you hammer in the nail or jump from the wall they were walking on, channel your inner Elsa and just let it go and let them give it a try.

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